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Autumn is mature it is not so shy the spring and summer is so open, so to winter.


After the autumn night. The moon is down, the sun is not, only a piece of Ulam day; in addition to night things, what are sleeping.


Grass yellow, yellow leaves, I heard the wind on the leaves rustle.


Autumn is quiet, in this season you can calm down to taste the life of each section.


Autumn, in a tense after harvest, suddenly everything faded, boundless land pale yellow bare.


Autumn is coming, the fruit is ripe. The pears, red apple, sparkling grape.


The gorgeous autumn light, cool breeze, such as the torch raised sorghum, soybeans endless ringing bells.


The autumn wind, cool breeze, flowers and trees, like a loving mother is humming a lullaby to put their children into the sweet dreams.


Into the fall, staring at a blue, Yama Buki, will overlap your figure.


The autumn grass love, was depressed; Huanghua unintentionally, overlooking the leading mountain. Intersect, smoke curl, it is written endless autumn poetry.


Autumn is noisy, and only in this season to enjoy the joy of each harvest.


The autumn winter although unlike the white clothes, but its orange clothes! And it's much warmer than the white one in the winter.


Autumn with a golden yellow, with a light footsteps, quietly came to the world.


Autumn is the harvest season. Soybean, corn and sorghum are mature, tired and bent.


Your arrival in the fall, to bring people a long time of laughter, I wish you could stay more days, so that the friendship between us more profound!


Golden leaves, like a beautiful butterfly flying in the sky.


The howling westerly full house plant Rui Han Xiang cold butterflies difficult to I want it to open a newspaper and peach qingdi.


In the park, clusters of flowers, white, red, large and small, colorful. I bent down to the flowers smell a scent suddenly refreshing.


Every time this autumn walk, the river, the road is covered with fallen leaves. Red maple leaf forest in the autumn of the touch, the more colorful, more popular.


In autumn, the leaves have turned yellow, drifting profusely and disorderly falling on the ground, like a layer of yellow carpet, only to go to Xie cockscomb, an independent cold autumn taste.


Autumn, the harvest season, the golden season with the same as the spring of the same spring, as warm as summer, as charming as winter.


The warm autumn sun quiet, gentle warm autumn wind of Dong Xiang, melodious elegant blue sky and white clouds.


The autumn sky is clear, the clouds are smiling. Tall poplar trees in a round of applause, the wind quietly put the news transmission.


Autumn, red apples, green leaves to see; red lantern like dates covered with branches; Purple Agate like clusters of grapes hanging in the vine, so charming!


The autumn wind blows, cenglinjinran, golden; sun, walking in the jungle, there is a different kind of taste.


Autumn wind bursts, sent the fragrance of chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum fairies contests, elegant shape, very beautiful, attracted crowds of industrious little bees.


Autumn of the United States is the reason it is not as charming as spring, summer so hot, winter so subtle.


Pick up a pebble kiss autumn collection, is a collection of autumn feelings.


Autumn is coming, the fruit is ripe. The pears, red is apple, sparkling grape. A cool breeze blowing, Guoer nodded, emitting a seductive fragrance.


The golden autumn, the sky like a piece of earth sapphire, it has been autumn wipe very clean and beautiful.


The past, the grain fragrance. That piece of crops, far see, as if rolling thousands of waves; near to see, rice to bend the waist, sorghum rose red face, corn joy opened his arms.


Relative to the last spring, summer and winter glitz, silence, autumn is a hole that has yet to hang the fickleness of the world, already middle-aged and old male wei.


In autumn, most flowers have lost their former glory, the petals have fallen, and the variety of chrysanthemum is in the limelight, decorate the city, beautify the environment.


The warm autumn sun quiet, autumn breeze gentle autumn, the elegant blue sky and white clouds, golden autumn fields everywhere.



The arrival of autumn, so that fruit trees mature. Look, they're laughing apple red, like in autumn aunt let them mature thanks.


Autumn, you are more prosperous than the spring scene, you are more colorful than the spring of the spring.


Autumn may hide in golden rice, perhaps hidden in the fire of all in the persimmon, may be hidden in the green room of rapeseed.


Breeze cleanse your heart, your heart sound Teana slide. A pool of water, a string string and wind music sounds, you know, you should go to see the autumn.


The beauty of autumn is ripe. It is not so shy the spring, summer is so open, so to winter.


High autumn day, as if heaven and the earth Pangu also; days as blue, as if there was the artist painted in the sky blue pigment.


Autumn quietly came, walked with light steps, with the harvest of hope and joy.


Golden sweet scented osmanthus opened, far can smell the fragrance, waiting for us to visit.


Fall in the field. The fields are golden. Yellow rice, from afar, the whole field is covered with a piece of golden carpet.


Autumn! Like a young girl dressed in golden clothes, she is gentle and kind, always bring benefits to people!


The grass on the playground, no longer as green as spring, but all yellow, the deaf pull the head, far from looking up there is also a kind of beauty.


In autumn, the sky as blue as the sea, as if with a wash of sapphire.


Autumn is coming, chrysanthemum opened. There are red, yellow, purple, and white, beautiful!


Autumn is a kuorankongkuo frame of mind, autumn is a cool pleasant leisure.


In the autumn, the sweet scented osmanthus trees, osmanthus flowers are open, let all the people can smell the intoxicating fragrance.


A golden butterfly, would you like to make friends with me? Come on! Flying into my textbook, with me into the bright classroom.


Maple trees to the earth covered with red carpet, the autumn wind, a maple leaf crash sound, like in the applause to celebrate the harvest scene.


Autumn, the harvest season, the golden season - as lovely as the spring, as warm as summer, as charming as winter.


In the garden, many flowers have faded, only the chrysanthemum is still in the phase of opening. They have yellowish purple a riot of colours, white and green in the autumn wind nodded.


The autumn wind, the autumn wind, brought cool; brought heavy fruit; in autumn, the leaves dancing. The autumn forest, it is beautiful and intoxicating!


Leaves rustle, and write their own music? The sound of high and low, full of sound and colour.


Valiant in autumn, piaoranerzhi, they felt a chill.


The trees are red, more to the deep autumn, it is red, far from looking like a flame in rolling.


Autumn, leaves a piece of falling, with a trace of regret, to the mother's embrace of the earth. They are dancing, whirling, dancing, down lightly.


A flood of water beneath meandering mountains, had stood in the hill slope, see if a piece of clean sweep fell from the view of time, such as the life world Yunyong passer-by.


The autumn sky, clouds like playing good wool, slowly floating.


Yellow leaves of autumn wind, leaves are falling down, just like a butterfly in dancing.


Autumn is a season that I miss, that leaves the yard and my thoughts are the accumulation of a thick stack, but it is full of rice, more happiness in my heart of the world.


The forest lay deep leaves, the wind blows, spin to fly, and evenly scattered down, cover the a tilt circling to the top of the mountain trail.


According to the early morning or evening, or Hill Street Hui, sitting in the autumn day high light cloud ridge near the tree birds, US, a distant sound symphony rises in your heart.


Into the field, as in the golden sea. In the sun, shining, shining, and the earth is integrated, everywhere is golden.


I do not know when, you gently fall on my bright red sweater, you put me as a flower, too?


In the rice field, a piece of yellow rice with the wind turned Jin Bo, green garden, fat and tender leaves sparkle sparkling dew.


The wind, gently, gently blowing, is a beautiful autumn girl came.

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