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    3. Nanjing Xiezun Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.
             APIs and intermediate
             Metal catalyst
             Silver trifluoromethanesulfonate
             Trifluoroacetic acid, silver salt
             Silver benzoate
             Basic raw material
             Ethyl cyanoacetate
             Benzyl bromide
             Fine chemicals
             Methyl propiolate
      Ethyl cyanoacetate
      CAS RN: 105-56-6
      Molecular formula: C5H7NO2
      Molecular weight: 113.1146
      Structural formula:
      Content: 99.00%
      Properties: Property Colorless or yellowish liquid, with aromatic odor.
      Melting point -22.5℃
      Boiling point 208~210℃
      Relative density 1.0560
      Refractive index 1.4175
      Uses: As pharmaceutical intermediate, in producing caffeine and vitamine B
      Packing: --
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